FT 500


  • With UV/MG/DD detection(optional)
  • Automatic start,stop,cleaning
  • Front loading feeding
  • With double,half,chain-note detection
  • With batch,add function-low noise with counting
  • With three display(front/side/customer)




  • Usage: Counting and detecting separately
  • Speed choose: Low,mid,high
  • Suit for: Most currency in the world
  • Outside dimensions: 320mm x 270mm x 190mm
  • Size of carton (2pcs): 645mm x 385mm x 235mm
  • G.weight Approx.: 13.5KG
  • N.weight Approx.: 6.0KG
  • Counting speed: >1000pcs/min
  • Size of countable notes: Minimum 110*60mm Maximum 190*90mm Thickness 0.08-0.12mm
  • Feed system: Front loading
  • Hopper capacity: Approx.500notes
  • Stack capacity: Approx.300notes
  • Power supply: AC 90 to 240V ,50/60HZ
  • Interface: PC Terminal Interface (RS-232C) – External display: Inter Interface(RS-232C)